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Javanese traditional dance is not just a combination of beautiful movements· It glues together the body and soul of dancers, so it is a very powerful psychological and ideological weapon.

The Javanese traditional dance movements are also conditioned by the use of the traditional costume.  A very important characteristic of the dance is that the movements are not produced from within the body; there is always something external that moves/pulls our body towards a certain direction.

Mandira Baruga Jogjakarta holds it especially for you. The aim of this workshop is to let you feel the real feeling of Javanese traditional dance. Join us during your travelling to Jogjakarta.


  • Have the opportunity to learn Javanese dance from our qualified professionals.
  • Experience cultural immersion and get to know a country and its people.
  • Learn the origins of a particular traditional dance with our mentors.
  • Get a chance to feel the different culture and learn the culture while travelling to Indonesia, especially to Jogjakarta.



​Batik painting is a historically beautiful take on culture throughout the world, and batik in Indonesia is perhaps the best known form across the globe. There are numerous uses and meanings for batik art, but the most basic format includes using resist techniques to strategically dye fabric into a myriad of designs. Learning how to make batik art is a wonderful way to pay tribute to this important and cherished art form.

​Making a batik painting, artists use pencils or other mediums to sketch in the basic pattern desired in the work. Then, often using hot wax or occasionally resin, the patterns are redrawn. Once the wax is dried, the cloth is dipped in dye. And, a copper cap is used during the process to more broadly cover areas where dye is not needed.

​The most culturally rich parts of batik art is that different designs, patterns, and shapes can signify different things. For example — batik as an art form deserves to be honored and revered just like any other painted masterpiece framed and hung in a museum. Heritage days are held for batik painting in countries that practice the art form, and classes are available for anyone who wishes to keep the tradition alive and learn for themselves.

Learn batik painting by signing up for a class / workshop and you'll have a great souvenir of your travelling Jogjakarta


  • ​Learn deeply about the Javanese philosophy behind some of the batik patterns.
  • ​Gain a greater appreciation of our mission to not only present you these ancient  traditions, but to make sure this rich cultural heritage continues going into your feelings and souls.
  • ​Have fun discovering how to draw with hot wax on cotton using a canting, cap or both, with one dye color. After boiling out the wax, you'll have a great souvenir of your travelling Jogjakarta.
  • ​You'll be amazed at how much fun making batik is.
You'll be amazed at how much fun making batik is
Learn batik painting by signing up for a class / workshop and you'll have a great souvenir
of your travelling Jogjakarta



​A very special opportunity to learn about and play a Javanese gamelan. A gamelan is an orchestra from Indonesia largely made up of percussion instruments including gongs, drums and of various shapes and sizes. Gamelan is made from bronze. Led by our gamelan expert, the workshop will include a short introduction to the cultural context of gamelan and then the you will learn and perform some traditional Javanese music.

​Playing the gamelan is very accessible and requires no previous experience. Instruments are traditionally played sitting on the floor. Please let us know in advance if you may find this difficult and we can make alternative arrangements.

​During the session you will learn to play a traditional Javanese piece. You get to explore this music from another cultures and the workshop helps introduce you to new sounds and respond to music individually and as a class.


  • ​No experience is needed to take part in this unique workshop!
  • ​The instruments are played on the floor so trousers are more comfortable. Also we ask all participants and onlookers to remove their shoes.
  • ​Please do bring your camera. Also you may make an audio or video recording at the end of the workshop to document the group’s final performance. You will not be permitted to record the whole workshop.
  • ​Bring back home an unforgettable experience during your travelling to
Bring back home an unforgettable experience during your travelling to

Be part of this amazing performance with the journey of your life.

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