4​2 Years of continuous nightly ancient performance
Ramayana Ballet Purawisata

Tonight will be its

performance, since 1976

41 Years of continuous ancient performance
Ramayana Ballet Purawisata

Culture on foreign lands!
It was one of those experiences which I have been waiting for, ever since the trip to Indonesia was finalised. Had heard a lot about Ramayana ballet in Indonesia. Got to see a full show and it was so wonderful, perhaps beyond my expectations. It was an excellent performance, flawless and very communicative. I will not say that this culture does not belongs to them, as they have inherited this and preserved this for centuries and generations. More delightful was the fact that this spoke of the harmony and cultural co-existence in Indonesian society which respects all.

Upendra S
New Delhi
Step inside the most beautiful exotic story.
Performed with magnificent grace and glory every single day !!!

Story Behind The Stage

The Story of Ramayana Ballet

A solid show of traditional dance and cultures. One must read about the story first as there are many things to comprehend. It's something you can watch many times and still discover something special.

Indonesian Dinner with Ramayana Ballet Performance

Enjoy a wonderful Indonesian Dinner in a pleasant garden and watch the amazing Ramayana Ballet performed by highly-qualified dancers. Every detail is carefully planned with magnificent excellence.

The story behind the art

The Ramayana ballet features an alluring and breath-taking ancient story of King Rama, his wife Sita and her abductor King Ravana of Sri Lanka and monkey Hanuman messenger of Rama.

A beautiful performance of classic Ramayana and Sinta
At last I watch this beautiful performance as 1 of my bucket list of cultural show around the world. I love the performance and I wish there is a subtitle on the side of the stage explaining what is the scene about.
I just loves cultural show...

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Our location

was amazing night and very special - worth while visiting -recommended very beautiful venue ( if open air theatre not on) just as good even tho open air doesn't start until 2nd May 2015

Darren C
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Be part of this amazing performance with the journey of your life

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